Advanced Cell Classifier user manual

Version July 2017.     DOWNLOAD PDF


How to install the Matlab runtime and run ACC

Version July 2017 (screenshots from Matlab R2017a).     DOWNLOAD PDF

Version January 2017 (screenshots from Matlab R2015a).     DOWNLOAD PDF


Video tutorial 1: Getting started

This video shows how Advanced Cell Classifier works and what its basic features are.



Video tutorial 2: Input data structure

In this video tutorial we show how to organize your data to use Advanced Cell Classifier. We describe the most common structures supported by Advanced Cell Classifier, called Standard Screening Structure, based on image and feature files.



Video tutorial 3: Annotation possibilities

This video introduces the different possibilities implemented in Advanced Cell Classifier for annotating cells.



Video tutorial 4: Output possibilities

In this video tutorial we describe the output possibilities Advanced Cell Classifier provides, and we show you how to create reports of your data.



Video tutorial 5: ACC and CellProfiler

We briefly describe how to use CellProfiler 2.2.0 Python version to segment images, extract cellular features, and then to analyse data using Advanced Cell Classifier.




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